Bluestone’s Total-e-B2B, Virtually

Jim Martin

AS/400 ISV Bluestone Software (Philadelphia) has announced the general availability of Total-e-B2B, the e-business integration server edition of the company’s standards-based Total e-business platform that enables companies to rapidly establish a virtual corporation.

Total-e-B2B provides companies with seamless, any-to-any communication between its extraprise partners, suppliers and customers, as well as internal users and systems.

Based on Java 2 Platform, standard edition (J2EE), it combines the following components: Bluestone XML-Server for TeB, Bluestone Universal Listener Framework for TeB, Bluestone Universal Business Server for TeB, Bluestone Application Manager for TeB, Bluestone Security Console for TeB, and Bluestone Visual-XML for TeB.

To extend the Total-e-B2B capabilities to the supply chain through wireless technology, Bluestone has established relationships with Acsis Inc., a provider of data collection enabling products and solutions for the ERP marketplace and Symbol Technologies Inc., a provider of wireless and Internet-based mobile data transactions systems and services. Through these partnerships, the three companies will offer supply-chain management solutions for organizations that need immediate availability into its virtual corporation supply chain.

“Total-e-B2B is not a trading partner. Total-e-B2B is a pre-assembled hub-and-spoke environment for business-to-business (B2B) exchange that lets a company distribute real-time, enterprise information throughout its established global extraprise and accomplish the real work of intercompany communications,” says John H. Capobianco, senior VP and chief marketing officer for Bluestone.

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