IBM, SAP to Offer Asian Language Support for, AS/400

Jim Martin

Two of the biggest names in the computer industry have joined forces as IBM and SAP have announced plans to offer a Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) version of on IBM’s AS/400 to support Asian languages.

The DBCS implementation introduces for the first time an SAP system utilizing UDB on AS/400s advanced Unicode database technology—a character set for enabling globalization of IT applications.

The new DBCS version of on AS/400 will be available in October, 2000 and will initially support one DBCS language plus English in a single SAP system. DCBS languages planned for initial support are Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.

“Pioneering the use of Unicode for DBCS support on AS/400 shows SAP’s commitment to AS/400 as a strategic platform for,” says Tom Jarosh, general manager, midmarket server group. “The strong relationship between IBM and SAP allowed us to break new ground with this innovative approach to encoding languages.”

Along with the DBCS announcement, the two companies also issued a statement of direction (SOD) to include NT as an application server choice that will allow SAP on AS/400 to be configured with a heterogeneous combination of NT and AS/400 application servers in a single SAP system.

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