Bradmark, Summit Team up on Back-Office Solution for HP e3000

Bradmark Technologies, based in Houston and Corvallis, Oregon-based Summit Information Systems have partnered to provide an automated back-office solution for businesses running Summit's credit union system on HP e3000s. The solution integrates Bradmark's WinMPE/Command Center with Summit's Spectrum full-share, loan and general-ledger account package. WinMPE allows system administrators or operators to perform the majority of tasks on an HP e3000 from a Windows GUI environment.

"Basically, what this integration does is give HP e3000 users running Spectrum a GUI interface and system management tool for all the back-office effort and implementation they would normally do in a command line situation," says Mark Mitterlehner, Bradmark's Vice President of Sales. "We're replacing the command line with something user friendly. This should allow, and we've seen it happen, people who do not know MPE well to still manage an HP e3000 on the back office. It shortens the learning curve substantially."

Bradmark has also tweaked WinMPE for the Spectrum software. "Working with Summit, we've changed some features in our standard product and changed some of the look and feel to match their needs," Mitterlehner says. "In other words, we've customized WinMPE so that it deals with the Spectrum system very well."

Bradmark also plans to integrate WinMPE with other major applications and even some of the smaller ones that run on the HP e3000. "This is the first of many announcements involving integrating of WinMPE with other apps," Mitterlehner says. "Look for more news like this between now and the HP World Conference [in September]."

When available, the integrated version of WinMPE/Command Center and Spectrum will be bundled with all new Spectrum systems. Existing Spectrum users can purchase the bundle at prices that range from $6,000 to $20,000 per server. The integrated solution will become available in late June or early July.

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