TRIBON, Intentia, to Launch Shipbuilding Portal

Joanna Doyle

Movex NextGen, a Java-based tool from Intentia International (Stockholm, Sweden,) has been selected to power a new global marketplace portal being established by TRIBON Solutions AB (Malmö, Sweden.) The portal will target the shipbuilding industry.

TRIBON, an established provider of software for the shipbuilding industry, announced yesterday it has entered into a strategic partnership with Intentia to build the new portal, which is set to be launched this fall. The site will be run on a Sun Solaris Unix platform with an Oracle database, in conjunction with Intentia’s NextGen product.

Rikard Roth, VP of TRIBON Solutions, says TRIBON chose to partner with Intentia because of its experience in similar ventures.

“Intentia has the best competence and understanding of how the supply chain in this industry works, as well as a great deal of experience with e-business solutions that are seamlessly integrated with business systems,” Roth said.

According to TRIBON, the site will be the first online resource for e-procurement practices targeting the more than 400 shipyards and 6,000 suppliers in the global market. Early sales efforts have yielded letters of intent from approximately 30 partners in the shipbuilding sphere in Europe, Asia and North America.

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