XtremeCache Improves Clustering Software Performance

Joanna Doyle

Companies using DataMirror Corp.’s (Toronto) high availability and clustering products for AS/400 should see huge performance improvements with DataMirror’s XtremeCache technology, released this week.

“This is a significant achievement that complements our recently announced AS/400 models and the high transaction volumes our customers will experience,” says Mike Tomashek, director, AS/400 system software development for IBM.

XtremeCache optimizes the flow of data into and out of a high-speed software cache. According to the DataMirror, XtremeCache allows backup and recovery functions with almost zero latency. In recent performance testing at IBM development facilities in Rochester, a single high-availability instance of XtremeCache moved data from the primary system to the backup system’s cache at a rate of 90 million transactions per hour. The product can also be configured in multiple high availability instances for better scalability.

“We have yet to find the maximum throughput capacity of XtremeCache, but we expect that the impressive results attained in early testing are not anywhere near the maximum performance potential” says Kirk Dixon, executive VP for development and support. “In fact, the difficulty is in creating the enormous volumes of data required for the testing.”

XtremeCache will be generally available June 30 for DataMirror’s High Availability product suite and iCluster software. Pricing varies with the customer’s specific computing environment.

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