B.O.S. Releases Enhanced Jadvantage Web-to-Host Emulator

Joanna Doyle

The latest version of Jadvantage Web-to-host emulator software, which includes a native AS/400 SQL data transfer application, was released this week by Better On-line Solutions (B.O.S., Scottsdale, Ariz.).

Jadvantage provides TN5250e emulation and GUI support, SCS printing and SQL File Transfer on PCs with a Web browser. Version 3.0 features three major enhancements. The primary improvement, says B.O.S., is the addition of Jadvantage Data Transfer Functions (JDTF), used to transfer data in either direction between PCs and an AS/400 host system. The SQL-based system ensures security by allowing administrators to control users’ ability to upload or download files.

The Jadvantage release further improves security by supporting Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, for encrypting data that is transferred between the server and the client. It also supports the creation of client and server certificates. The third enhancement in Jadvantage 3.0 is MorphMaster, a Windows-like GUI tool now included with the software.

“Jadvantage represents the future of AS/400 emulation,” says Martin Pladgeman, VP of B.O.S. North America. “The addition of SQL data transfer tools and the enhancements made to the security mechanism and GUI, along with the existing full-blown SCS printing emulation, make Jadvantage the most comprehensive Web-to-host emulator available.”

Jadvantage 3.0 is now shipping.

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