Group 1’s DOC1 Supports Electronic Payment Functions

Joanna Doyle

Group 1 Software (Lanham, Md.) announced it has added Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP) and Electronic Statement Presentation (ESP) functionality to its DOC1 document development application.

DOC1 produces dynamic, personalized business documents – bills, statements, and letters, etc. – for print, electronic presentment, and Internet delivery. The enhanced version of DOC1 now generates XML output and supports bookmarks and embedded URL links to facilitate deployment of EBPP and ESP solutions.

“This release will facilitate increased interoperability with leading e-billing service providers, EBPP distribution channels and payment portals,” said Alan Slater, general manager of Group 1’s electronic document systems division. “An additional unique advantage for DOC1’s customers is the flexibility to add highly targeted conditional marketing messages and data-driven graphics to their customer communication.”

DOC1 with XML output will eliminate the need to scrape print image files or create additional programs to tag data by allowing EBPP and ESP vendors to take in the format, structure, and content of a customer’s business data. Therefore, DOC1’s customers can more easily deploy EBPP and ESP solutions in thick or thin consolidator models or biller direct models. For print or online document delivery, users can access raw business data only once to create and maintain one set of business rules.

DOC1 is expected to include additional capability to generate dynamic HTML in its next release.

DOC1 allows development of dynamic document application on any Windows workstation, and its production engine can run under MVS, Windows NT/2000, UNIX, Open VMS, PC DOS or OS/400.

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