CrossWorks Adds Oracle 8 Component to Cross400

Jim Martin

Through a new add-on component, CrossWorks Inc. (Minneapolis) is now providing its Cross400 customers with an option for those who want to store RPG applications in Oracle 8 databases.

Cross400 software is a suite of migration tools, a development system and an operating environment that fully supports RPG applications and data in a variety of open systems environments, paving the way for a smooth transition to a variety of Unix and NT platforms.

This optional add-on product, Cross400 Oracle Gateway, is designed for organizations that have rehosted their RPG applications to run on open platforms. With Oracle Gateway, the customers can now store their data for those applications directly in Oracle 8 database tables. Access to the data stored in Oracle tables can be accomplished either through direct calls or through embedded SQL.

“The Cross400 Oracle Gateway is significant for our ISV customers,” says David Schindler, VP sales and marketing of CrossWorks. “While Cross400 ships with its own integrated CrossDB database, some ISVs are finding that their prospects have standardized on Oracle. Now, not only can the ISV quickly and easily rehost its AS/400 RPG applications to run without any changes on their customer’s open platform of choice, but also they can comply with the Oracle requirement. For a little over $30,000 they can port their mature RPG applications to an open platform and Oracle 8.”

Cross400 Oracle Gateway costs $3,750.

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