IBM #1 on Supercomputing List

IBM holds the top spot in the recently released TOP500 List of Supercomputers. Published by researchers at the University of Tennessee and the University of Mannheim in Germany, the TOP500 List tracks the use of supercomputers by universities, government labs and businesses. According to the list, IBM's RS/6000 SP ranks as the world's most prevalent computer, with over 144 systems installed. Sun, ranked second on the list, has 121 installations.

The latest TOP500 List continues to underscore the emerging number of supercomputers used in business applications. For the first time in the history of the List, over half of the systems on the TOP500 -- 260 -- are used for business applications. Of the elite top ten business supercomputers in the world, eight are IBM RS/6000 SPs.

The entire list can be viewed at

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