JDA Introduces MMS 4R5

Jim Martin

JDA Software Group Inc. (Scottsdale, Calif.) has announced the latest release of Merchandise Management System (MMS), its AS/400-based retail solution for multi-channel retailers.

The newest version, MMS 4R5, has over 140 new functions and enhancements. Among them is seamless integration with JDA and third-party business-to-business and business-to-consumer applications.

To demonstrate the improvements made in MMS 4R5, JDA ran stress tests on the new AS/400 model 840. The result was that MMS 4R5 achieved up to 200 percent performance improvement in end-of-day transaction processing over its former version, MMS 4R5, operating on equivalent hardware.

Some other new features in MMS 4R5 include: an EDI-based Virtual Inventory module that interfaces with trading partners’ systems to automate the exchange and processing of advanced shipping notices (ASNs); modules to improve customer satisfaction; new internationalized functions, including a multi-currency enhancement to support currency triangulation, multi-currency pricing, and the euro.

“From offering MMS.com as an integrated e-commerce solution to substantially enhancing day-end processing and supporting the complex euro currency requirements,” says Jim Armstrong, JDA CEO, “MMS 4R5 serves as the springboard for our next planned release that will feature role-based Internet portals and a completely revamped Human Factors-based user interface.”

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