Information Builders Launches WebFOCUS v. 4.3 for AS/400

Information Builders (New York) last week announced the availability of its WebFOCUS 4.3 Business Intelligence Solution for AS/400 amid claims that it delivers reporting and analysis capabilities and can serve as the cornerstone for reporting for e-business applications, including B2B, B2C or B2E.

WebFOCUS for AS/400 is a suite of tools designed to handle end-to-end reporting in real time and is comprised of the following components:

Reporting ServerWeb reporting system gives organizations continuous access to all of their data that can run native in all major environments, including AS/400.

Managed ReporterStreamlines the reporting environment by providing users with tools to create reports on the fly and management with the control to manage reporting throughout their systems.

Report BrokerA scheduling and distribution agent for reports generated with WebFOCUS Reporting Server, it provides control over when reports are run and how they are distributed.

"Because of its component-based nature, WebFOCUS can directly reside on the AS/400, leveraging its processing power by performing all data aggregation on the server where only the answer setin the form of a formatted HTML pageis sent over the network and into the users' browsers creating an efficient reporting environment," says Information Builders Platform Systems Division general manager Gary Goldberg.

"We're very pleased to have WebFOCUS available for the AS/400 community," says Leamon Hall, Worldwide AS/400 business intelligence segment manager at IBM. "The Web has revolutionized the way our customers can conduct business today, and WebFOCUS can play an integral role as our customers deploy Web-driven applications."

Other Features:

  • Excel 2000 Integration generate XML-based Excel 2000 spreadsheets
  • Styled Output customizes layout of data columns with users' preferred fonts, colors and print styles
  • Conditional Styling sets threshold values and style cell values above or below the threshold in user-selected colors
  • Embedded Links connects Excel 2000 spreadsheet extracts to detailed spreadsheets or back to enterprise data stores
  • Pivot Tables automatically generate pivot tables that allow OLAP transformations such as dragging and dropping new fields and changing table orientation
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