Remote Software Facility Adds Security, IFS Enhancements

Bug Busters Software Engineering has released Remote Software Facility 6.2 (RSF) with enhancements to security and support for integrated file system.

RSF 6.2 features enhanced security for SDLC dial-up connections, allowing any user profile to be used as the connection profile. TCP/IP sessions -- which can also run under any profile chosen by the system administrator -- can use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for even greater security. RSF uses its own exclusive port for TCP/IP connections, allowing encrypted data to be sent back and forth without requiring that non-secure Telnet or FTP servers be active.

Also new to version 6.2 are commands that allow users to send and retrieve any objects in the Integrated File System (IFS) between AS/400s. The machines can be connected via SDLC dial-up, LAN, TCP/IP, the Internet, or they can be logical partitions within the same box. Special user-exit points provided by the new IFS object distribution commands allow user-written programs to be called at either end, both before and after the objects are sent, a feature useful for transmitting special IFS objects, such as Java programs, which may need to be recompiled on the target machine.

RSF 6.2 also provides enhanced capability for distributing packages of objects between machines, ensuring that any prerequisite or co-requisite object packages are installed in the proper order, a feature that software vendors looking to distribute fixes to their customers will find useful.

Other RSF features include:

  • Windows graphical interface lets you transmit objects and spooled files between machines by dragging and dropping.
  • Communicate with other AS/400s without prior configuration or setup.
  • Pass-through on the spur of the moment.
  • Works with any connection, including the Internet.
  • Centrally monitor and respond to system messages on any number of satellite AS/400s.
  • Automatically forward spooled files to other machines.
  • Broadcast objects to many machines and poll any number of machines to retrieve sets of objects.
  • Build utilities with RSF's ability to call programs on remote machines passing input and output parameters.
Free 30-day trials for RSF 6.2 can be downloaded from the Bug Busters Web site (new window). Current RSF users can download upgrades from the same site.

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