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NetworkIT 2.0

Computer Associates offers NetworkIT 2.0, an enhanced version of its network management solution. Built on CA’s Unicenter TNG Framework technology, NetworkIT 2.0 manages the entire network and uses CA’s neural-network (Neugents) technology to deliver a management solution that predicts network problems. NetworkIT 2.0 works with Windows NT, Windows 2000, SunOS and HP-UX. It supports Top/IP, IPX, DECNet , SNA and other protocols.

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Smart Transducer Support

LMS International offers support of "Smart Transducers" for both HP-UX and Windows NT versions of its LMS CADA-X systems. Smart transducers have an embedded memory chip that stores information such as manufacturer name, serial number, calibration value and geometrical data on-board. The measurement system automatically detects which transducer is connecting to which channel, eliminating cabling errors, incorrect calibration values and tedious data entries.

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Sunbelt UltraAdmin 2.0

Sunbelt Software is offering UltraAdmin 2.0, a new addition to Sunbelt Software’s line of Windows NT and 2000 utilities. UltraAdmin 2.0 allows IT departments to manage and support the different types of users, groups and computers found in a mixed or native environment of NT 4 domains and machines combined with Windows 2000 domains implementing Active Directory. UltraAdmin 2.0 is a systems administration tool with the ability to access Active Directory information, compartmentalize the information and distinguish it from traditional legacy NT 4 account information, such as logon hours, dial-in settings, user rights and home directories.

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Agilent Incorporates AlphaBlox

Agilent Technologies has incorporated the AlphaBlox Analysis Suite into its Web-based portfolio tracking application, giving financial managers the ability to track Agilent’s research and development project costs across Agilent’s four business sectors. The AlphaBlox solution also gives lab directors the ability to identify opportunities to streamline costs through personalized access to financial information related to their projects so that they can better manage their project costs. AlphaBlox solutions provide a 100% Web-based platform for delivering customized analytical applications designed to optimize e-business operations. AlphaBlox allows companies to share and analyze information with customers, partners and suppliers to build e-business communities and improve business performance.

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HP to Sell Opticom’s iView

HP and Opticom have entered an agreement in which HP will resell Opticom’s iView products and services through HP Complementary Products (HPCP). Opticom’s iView software is a suite of infrastructure service management applications that help IT managers and service providers make more informed decisions that improve the delivery of their technical services. iView consolidates information on availability, asset control, service-level availability, performance, version compliance and proactive capacity planning into easy to understand, Web-based reports. The suite of iView products includes: iView Reporter, iView Collector, iView Availability, iView Service, iView Asset and iView Capacity.

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Eye of the Storm 2.0

Entuity’s Eye of the Storm 2.0 is an intra-LAN software solution for proactively assessing and controlling network degradation. Eye of the Storm 2.0 is designed to infiltrate the complex details of the LAN switch environment to provide immediate inventory down to the port level, early detection of performance degradation, and event/issue correlation and prioritization for acute business impact management. Eye of the Storm 2.0 includes the Early Warning Center, which features enhanced network visibility into layer-two switched networks; realtime alerting of faults and problems; cross-vendor support of routers, switches and hubs; distributed network management enabled with Java-based console, a Component Viewer for easy configuration and inventory tracking and a Bulletin Board for tracking status of alarms, viewing event history and assessing impact on business.

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Acta eCommerce Data Platform

Acta Technology, a provider of Internet data infrastructure for e-commerce and e-analytics, announced the Acta eCommerce Data Platform, designed to accelerate the delivery of the back-office data essential for business-to-business e-commerce. The Acta platform consists of eCaches, a suite of packaged data caches that speed the delivery of back-office data in e-commerce and business intelligence, and ActaWorksRealTime, a data movement and management engine. Using Acta Technology’s enterprise to e-commerce product suite helps companies free their information assets from back-office systems.

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Adaptec is shipping the Adpatec AAA-UDMA RAID Card, a hardware-based fault tolerant RAID solution for small business and workgroups that deploy low-cost servers using UDMA/ATA drives. Adaptec’s AAA-UDMA RAID Card is the first for entry-level servers and workstations that supports RAID level 5. The AAA-UDMA RAID Card offers many of the same fault tolerance features found in Adaptec’s AAA and ARO SCSI-based RAID Cards, and includes the same Adaptec CI/O Management Software.

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