Bradmark Technologies Keeps the Pace

Bradmark Technologies has revealed plans to acquire Pace Systems, a private company focused on the development of enterprise monitoring solutions. The acquisition highlights Bradmark’s plans to expand the breadth and depth of its existing database management and monitoring solutions in the areas of system availability and data management.

"Seven years ago, Bradmark became the sole distributor of Pace’s database monitoring products. Since inception, Pace Systems has been at the forefront of developing leading edge database monitoring products," says Brad Tashenberg, President and CEO for Bradmark. "By combining our enterprise management initiatives and accelerating the integration of our product lines, IT directors can better manage service level agreements."

Pace’s database monitoring product provides companies with the ability to continually monitor databases at the core of their business applications and notify system managers before conditions occur that could impact user productivity. DBAs can monitor all Oracle or Sybase database servers in a network environment while unattended distributed agents continually analyze servers and alert the DBA before outages occur.

This product provides both real-time and operational monitoring functionality. The distributed agent architecture allows DBGeneral to scale to any size configuration, from a single server environment to an unlimited number of servers and an unlimited number of databases and instances. Problems are isolated through a rules-based methodology, alerting the DBA of potential problems through systems alarms, numeric and alphanumeric paging, SNMP traps, the execution of pre-defined SQL scripts, and even the evocation of features within other portions of the product.

Pace’s database monitoring tool is part of Bradmark’s overall database solution, DBGeneral. Bradmark Technologies will continue to sell and support the Pace products as stand-alone solutions as well as further integrating them with other Bradmark system and data management solutions, including DBGeneral.

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