LANSA Receives Highest WebSphere Level Certification

Longstanding AS/400 player LANSA Inc. (Oak Brook, Ill.) has received IBM’s highest level of certification for IBM’s WebSphere e-business application framework.

“IBM’s highest certification means LANSA conforms to IBM’s WebSphere strategy at the highest level,” said Bill Benjamin, vice president of business development at LANSA. “When AS/400 customers select LANSA they benefit from the most rapid, robust WebSphere implementation available on AS/400. Customers like Riviera Hotel & Casino, Mandalay Resort Group and telecommunications leader Global Crossings rely on LANSA’s rapid development capability to leverage WebSphere for Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications.”

IBM’s e-business application framework certification includes criteria for object technology, Web application serving, hardware and middleware. LANSA’s Level 4 IBM Showcase Partner status is the highest certification level. LANSA achieves Level 4 status by implementing open Internet standards on multiple browsers including cross-browser HTML and Java Servlet Object Technology. And by supporting IBM WebSphere’s Java Servlet engine LANSA leverages WebSphere’s portability to run on NetFinity, RS/6000 and AS/400 hardware  all with DB2’s high data integrity.

“LANSA complies to the highest level of the IBM e-business application framework certification criteria,” commented John Quarantello, IBM’s worldwide Java and WebSphere segment manager. “LANSA’s short learning curve enables AS/400 customers to quickly take advantage of new technologies like WebSphere’s XML and Java. For AS/400 customers who want to leverage the power of WebSphere in a rapid development environment, we recommend that they take a close look at LANSA.”

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