Fifteen Minutes of Fame

For the past three years I have been attempting to bring real-world e-commerce reporting to the more then 50,000 readers of this magazine. Most of the reporting has been a recounting of products, services and projects that I have had a personal hand in trying, rejecting or accepting. Whatever the topic, each column has detailed an episode in which I have had real-time, first hand, “Been there, done that” experience. The e-mail that I receive after each article is published has run the gamut from “Hughhhh?” to “Yeahhh!!”

Now I want to hear what you’ve experienced. I am asking that you, out there, send me via e-mail your success or failure stories relative to any of the e-commerce and AS/400-specific e-commerce experiences in particular that you have been involved with. If you want to include an OK to use your name or your company name, that’s good. If not, that’s OK as well. Either way I will ask you to help edit the final script prior to its submission. Worst case, you will have your story in print, and the 15 minutes of fame we all deserve! I sincerely hope that there are enough readers that would like to help their contemporaries, to keep me in material for the next “n” issues.

Now on to some good stuff I have found on the WWW. While you are on your lunch hour or at home—certainly not while at work being paid—check these out!!

  • (new window)—knockout search engine.
  • (new window)—great discussion forum. Are they discussing your organization?
  • (new window)—lets you know, for free, via e-mail, if any of your e-commerce trading partners are doing well, or poorly.
  • (new window) —help your expense report get an A+.
  • (new window)—best deals on car rentals.
  • (new window)—returning computer goodies that did not work? Get comparison rates for free.
  • (new window), (new window), (new window), (new window)—just in case things get tough after your upcoming merger or buyout.

    If your are still in your office next month, try some of these.

  • (new window) —lots of good techie articles.
  • (new window)—software glitches? Here is the place to see if you are not the only sufferer.

    OK, help me out. Let’s hear those success stories—and those OTHER stories. Get your 15 minutes of fame.

    Bob Lewis is VP of IT at the Unified Foodservice Purchasing Cooperative (Lousiville, Ky.).

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