AS/400 840s Set to Ship This Week

Joanna Doyle

IBM will begin shipping its new line of AS/400e servers this week. General availability is officially set for July 28.

In conjunction with the official release, IBM also announced that enterprise software vendor SAP AG has successfully completed certification tests for OS/400 V4R5. The operating system will now be available for use with SAP kernel releases 4.6C, 4.5B, 4.0B and 3.1I.

The new releases, first introduced in May, are the first to be IBM’s newly developed microchips made of silicon-on-insulator (SOI) transistors and copper wiring. According to the company, the IBM AS/400e Model 840 has demonstrated processing power that allow the systems to operate 3.6 times faster than the previous generation of AS/400 servers. The server can scale from a single processor to a 24-way processor.

“The AS/400e 840’s high-end scalability is comparable to that of both Unix and mainframe servers, and the AS/400e has demonstrated in the past that – unlike some other enterprise servers – it delivers in customer business-critical applications the scalability that it promises in benchmarks,” said Wayne Kernochan, senior vice president of Aberdeen Group (Boston).

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