Oracle, Collab.Net Partner on E-Marketplace for Developers

Oracle is partnering with Collab.Net, a provider of online exchanges for the open source community, to build an electronic marketplace for open source software developers. The marketplace will be part of Oracle's Web site for programmers and will provide information on permanent and freelance jobs. The new marketplace will also foster collaboration among developers by providing a place for them to share code and tools.

Oracle's support will give a boost to Collab.Net, a start-up that provides sourceXchange, a service co-developed with HP and designed to bring together qualified open source developers with sponsors needing workers for specific development projects. HP also uses Collab.Net's hosting services at to drive adoption of e-speak, a technology that enables the dynamic brokering of e-services. There have been more than 13,000 downloads of the e-speak open source code from the hosted site. Sun recently began using Collab.Net's hosted services to release the source code for StarOffice, the open source office suite. Collab.Net collects a fee from companies for hosting the services.

Collab.Net was HP's first open source investment. Other investors include Dell, Oracle, TurboLinux, Novell, among others.

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