COOL:Plex 4.5 Generally Available from Computer Associates

Jim Martin

E-Business solutions provider Computer Associates International, Inc. (Islandia, N.Y.) announces the general availability of COOL:Plex 4.5, the latest version of its e-business application development tool designed for AS/400, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Netfinity platforms.

This new version of COOL:Plex includes enhanced support for highly-scalable Windows 2000 and Java B2Band B2C applications. COOL:Plex 4.5 reduces the overall size of Java applications and implements Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) security, enabling Java applications to be quickly and securely implemented in consumer and business-to-business scenarios. It also includes increased scalability -- delivering upwards of 1,000 clients attached to a single Windows 2000 server.

"With this release, COOL:Plex 4.5 delivers superior scalability for Windows 2000 and secure Java applications. Given the phenomenal productivity that developers realize with COOL:Plex 4.5, this tool should be an essential piece of any eBusiness application development strategy," said Wasim Ahmad, CA's director of business management. "Clients will appreciate the comprehensive Windows 2000 and Java support provided by COOL:Plex 4.5 as companies position themselves for e-business."

Some of the COOL:Plex 4.5 features include: Java Security--uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to enable secure transactions; Java Download on Demand-Java applets can now be partitioned into multiple files to be downloaded individually from a Web server, decreasing the download time for Java client applications; Windows GUI/Java GUI parity—the use of Java bean GUI components in Java clients provides flexibility for design of panels within COOL:Plex applications; AS/400 Firewall Support—enables companies to configure ports that are necessary for implementing e-business applications within the corporate firewall.

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