Editorial: Back to Basics

On July 17, Unisphere magazine was sold by 101communications, LLC to a new company formed as Unisphere LLC. After seven years of publishing within the context of several large, diversified media company operations,Unispherenow returns to its roots as a free-standing entity with the singular mission of serving all members of the UNISYS-installed base community with information and features that we hope will enable you to better leverage your investment in UNISYS technology. We look forward to meeting with many of you at the UNITE Conference in New Orleans this Fall, and to listening to your ideas on how we can better meet that goal.

The conference itself will be an important one for UNISYS. It’s been nearly three years now with Lawrence Weinbach at the helm, and it’s fair to say that UNISYS today is a significantly better company than it was when he joined the company. The company’s debt load has been largely eliminated and employee morale is greatly improved due to the changes made at the beginning of the Weinbach era. Both of those improvements work for UNISYS customers, solidifying the company’s position in the market and creating "world class" levels of service. But, the remaining challenges for UNISYS today are discovering how to create consistently high sales growth rates and increase the size of its customer base. That’s a tall order in a very competitive market for a company rooted in the data center.

However, the company has moved strongly into the Windows 2000 market and the launch of Windows 2000 DataCenter edition will be an important development for UNISYS – when it finally reaches the market. Unispherewill also be keeping a close eye on developments with UNISYS’ Application Service Providing offerings.

We’ll see many of you in New Orleans and, if not, we invite you to e-mail your comments and suggestions to either myself or our Editor in Chief, Charlie Simpson.

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