LANSA Introduces SMART/Web for SSA BPCS Customers

Jim Martin

Looking to capitalize on the popularity of Systems Software Associates’ AS/400-based BPCS product line, LANSA, Inc. (Oak Brook, Ill.) has launched SMART/Web. This new e-commerce solution provides B2B Web-based functionality and Intranet capabilities to SSA’s BPCS customers.

SMART/Web integrates seamlessly with SSA’s BPCS Century Date (CD) ERP solution, allowing BPCS CD users to easily access the latest customer, product stock level and pricing details, as well as supporting the placement of customer orders over the Internet.

Another feature of SMART/Web is that it provides various facilities from a Web browser interface, including accounts receivable inquiry, stock inquiry, customer order inquiry and customer order entry. The leading Internet security has been used to protect BPCS CD users.

According to LANSA, the SMART/Web development project was driven by the demand for low cost, easily accessible Web-based solutions for clients that were using the BPCS Century Date (CD) and e-BPCS Version 6.01.

"SMART/Web users will benefit from the direct interface to BPCS CD. For example, BPCS Batch Order Processing automatically revalidates and updates each order to the BPCS system," says Bill Benjamin, vice president of business development at LANSA. "Potential benefits to your business include extended hours of availability for customer self-service, reduced cost, better customer service and increased sales.”

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