WebTrends Upgrades Enterprise Suite, Firewall Suite

Web Trends has upgraded both Enterprise Suite, its e-business intelligence product offering visitor and usage analysis for enterprise-level customers, and Firewall Suite, a product that provides security management and reporting on more than 30 firewall and VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions.

WebTrends' Enterprise Suite offers analytics for more than 40 million different visitors per day and 1 billion hits per analysis period. The new version—5.0—boasts improvements in performance and scalability. WebTrends claims that that it has ratcheted up Web data analysis performance as much as 200 percent by improving its core analysis engine. The company also says its FastTrends database, designed for fast analysis of massive amounts of Web data, has experienced performance improvements by a factor of 90 times, while memory usage is 10 percent of its previous size.

Other enhancements in Enterprise Suite 5.0 include in-depth reporting and analysis on Real Networks RealServer, Microsoft Windows Media Player, and Apple's QuickTime and Darwin Streaming Media Server, including detailed visitor and usage analysis and reporting on rich streaming media content. Release 5.0 also offers new reporting features, advanced cookie analysis, and a new graphing engine.

Enterprise Suite integrates with the Vignette V/5 eBusiness Platform. WebTrends has also released updated versions of Enterprise Suite for Lotus Domino as well as Professional Suite and Log Analyzer, solutions geared for Web visitor reporting for small businesses.

WebTrends Enterprise Suite 5.0 is priced starting at $1,999. Enterprise Suite for Lotus Domino 5.0 is priced starting at $1,999. Professional Suite 5.0 is priced starting at $799, and Log Analyzer 6.0 is priced starting at $499.

Firewall Suite 3.0 features new monitoring, alerting, and recovery features that allow administrators to monitor firewall services and receive alerts when a device goes down or stops responding, or when a critical event is detected at the firewall. Other enhancements include new capabilities that enable remote management and editing of reports anytime from any location.

Version 3.0 also boasts performance improvements and support for products from additional firewall vendors. Performance improvements allow customers to analyze log files up to 50 percent faster than in previous releases. Additional products supported include Checkpoint VPN-1, Microsoft ISA Server, and Sun SunScreen.

Firewall Suite is sold through WebTrends' U.S. reseller and VAR channels.

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