SafeStone Releases New 1024-Bit Encryption Tool

Jim Martin

SafeStone Technologies (Princeton, N.J.) has made another addition to its IT security product line with the release of SuperCypher. This new 1024-bit encryption tool is designed for use on multiple applicationsacross multiple platforms.

SuperCypher enables e-commerce and internal transactions to be conducted securely, as it can encipher or decipher 20MB of data in less than five seconds.

This ensures that data transactions remain secure without compromising sensitive data and transaction speed. All file types are pass-key protected, so that only the file's rightful owner can access them.

"SuperCypher is the next phase in a long line of software security products allowing users full control when managing their network security," says John Todd, CEO of SafeStone. "We are continuing our effort to provide encryption and security management products that provide our customers a high level of comfort by ensuring enterprise confidentiality. SuperCypher ensures secure e-commerce transactions, and enables the safe flow of data between multiple parties."

SuperCypher runs on AS/400, WindowsNT, UNIX, LINUX, and AIX.

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