Amdahl Introduces Primergy Brand Name

Amdahl Corporation, a member of the worldwide Fujitsu group of companies, introduced the PRIMERGY branding of its Intel-based servers. The brand change to PRIMERGY heralds a move to full standardization across the many companies of the Fujitsu Group.

Several worldwide Fujitsu Group companies were marketing different brands in their various geographic regions. Fujitsu Ltd. and Amdahl marketed the teamserver brand in Asia and North America. In Europe, Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) offered servers under the PRIMERGY brand. Fujitsu Ltd. and FSC agreed to merge their product development and product brands creating a strengthened brand image and greater market presence. Soon, global enterprises will be able to source the same PRIMERGY server from Fujitsu Ltd., Amdahl or Fujitsu Siemens Computers.

Customers, channel partners, and independent software vendors will benefit from the combined strength of the members of the Fujitsu Group. They will receive high levels of support providedby skilled server specialists; the inherent power of combined engineering, production, compatibility, and certification testing; a growing worldwide customer base; and proven data center know-how with extensive project management expertise.

As well as making it easier for customers to recognize its high-quality servers, the Fujitsu Group will use the PRIMERGY brand to ensure maximum effectiveness from worldwide and regional promotional campaigns, commonality of Web sites, benchmark successes, and application certification strategies.

Amdahl is offering a full range of PRIMERGY servers from entry-level 1-way LAN, Print, and Small Workgroup servers to large 8-way data center servers. Amdahl plans to deliver Intel IA64-based PRIMERGY servers next year.

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