Group 1 MailStream Helps Control Mailing Costs

Joanna Doyle

Group 1 has announced the release of MailStream Plus 6.2.4, the latest release of its presort software solution. The product is designed to lower postal costs by taking advantage of discounts available with presorted mail.

The new version includes capability for integration of the existing manifest reporting system and automated generation of drop shipped mailings. The integration of the existing manifest reporting system into MailStream Plus 6.2.4 enables customers to produce manifests for their mailings during the normal execution of a standard mailstream job. Automatic generation of drop-shipped mailings enables users to take advantage of the lowest postal service rates.

In addition, another new feature provides users the ability to automatically adjust the amount of mail being shipped to a specific entry point based on the cost of shipping to that point. This allows administrators to avoid sending mail to a destination where the shipping costs are too high for the volume of mail being dropped.

"The enhancements to MailStream Plus 6.2.4 represent dramatic improvements to the core technology and provide our customers with the industry's most comprehensive, efficient presort capabilities," said Victor Forman, VP of data quality and postal affairs for Group 1.

Group 1 products support a variety of platforms including MVS, VSE, AS/400, UNIX, Linux and Windows NT/2000 and other operating systems and various computers.

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