Teleflex Technologies Sells Largest AS/400 Ever

IBM authorized reseller Teleflex Technologies, Inc. (Boca Raton, Flor.), a parent company of Tele-Flex Systems, Inc., as well as a designer of telecommunications, utility billing, and voice processing systems, has announced the sale and delivery of the largest IBM AS400e-server ever, a 24-way model 840.

The client, World Access Inc. (Atlanta), is installing the new IBM 24-way AS400e 840 in its San Diego based facility and is building the billing system for its $1-billion-plus business around Genius, an AS/400-based billing platform from Teleflex Systems Inc.

The Teleflex platform covers the billing waterfront: mediation, rating, taxation, invoicing, customer care, provisioning and commissioning in a real-time or batch processing environment.

"The 99.99-percent up time that Genius and the AS/400 provide is vitallyimportant," says John Hempsey, VP of operations for the San Diego-based U.S. division of World Access. Part of the company’s value proposition to business customers is near-real time call rating(calculating the cost of individual calls) and online billing.

"We update [online accounts] every hour on the hour," says Hempsey. "If you make a call before 1 p.m., for example, that call will be rated and show up on your customer’s account on the Web by 1:20. In other words, you can see almost real time call data. So having a machine that is always up and running is really important. Our new IBM AS400e 840, with up to 19 terabytes (TB) of disk and up to 96 gigabytes (GB) of memory, has power to burn.”

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