HOB Announces New Release of HOBLink J-Term

Fredrik Johnsen

HOB Inc. (Edison, N.J.), a provider of Java-based connectivity technology for enterprises and small to mid-sized markets, has announced the availability of HOBLink J-Term v.2.3, the latest release of the company’s Java-based, platform-independent solution for Web-to-host enterprise connectivity.

The program provides 3270, 5250, HP, S97801 and VT with terminal emulation in a single Java application.

HOBLink J-Term enables users to convert alphanumerical 3270 and 5250 green screens into fully graphical user interfaces (GUIs) without any manual pre-programming. Businesses can update their mainframe and AS/400 green-screens to have a Windows look-and-feel for improved navigation and viewing.

The solution can be integrated with any third party e-business application via the Applications Programmer Interface (API), making users able to access mainframe and AS/400 data to support e-business operations.

J-Term features a built-in interface to the HOBLink Secure software, an add-on component that provides multiple encryption keys.

HOBLink J-Term, available now, is priced by number of users, starting at approximately $20 per user.

HOB Inc. was established in 1964, and has more than 6,400 customers from a variety of industries worldwide. The company, which is based in Germany, recently expanded its operations into North America.

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