CrossWorks Announce Cross400 Evaluation Kit

Fredrik Johnsen

CrossWorks Inc. (Hopkins, Minn.), a developer and distributor of cross platform software compilers and development tools, has announced the availability of a six-month, two-seat Cross400 Evaluation Kit.

"This Kit allows AS/400 ISVs, and organizations using the AS/400 as their main system, to prove to themselves how easily they can turn their mature, tested RPG applications into native Windows NT or UNIX applications," explains David Schindler, VP Business Planning of CrossWorks. "With Cross400, they can fully re-host their applications, typically in less than 90 days, and all the while maintaining a single set of source code."

The kit is available for $495, including a two-user development system licensed for six months. It is available for all target platforms: Windows NT/2000, AIX, HP/UX, SCO UnixWare 7, Solaris, and Linux.

CrossWorks develops and markets software compilers and development tools that allow software applications written specifically for IBM midrange systems to run without modification on other target platforms.

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