ResQEnable, ResQ/Me Permit Mobile Connection to Pocket PC

Fredrik Johnsen Inc. (New York), a provider of host application enhancement technology, has announced a program that enables enterprises to give customers, their supply chains, and outside personnel access to mainframe and AS/400 applications via wireless Microsoft Pocket PC-powered handheld devices.

"While applications such as tracking shipments, monitoring bank balances, and performing account status checks are natural applications for wireless Pocket PCs, the small screens require fundamental changes in screen format and data presentation," says Todres Yampel, president and COO of "The ResQEnable and ResQ/Me offerings provide the complementary technology and expertise to wireless-enable legacy host applications in a fraction of time required by conventional solutions."

According to Yampel, is excited about the opportunity Pocket PC compatibility represents for its ResQ/Me solution in that its reach will now extend to Microsoft's certified solution providers.

The program combines the sevices of ResQEnable and the functionality of ResQ/Me to provide users the tools necessary to reengineer their applications’ user interface for Pocket PC screens – without any changes to the IBM host applications. Inc. specializes in intelligent Web-enabling technology, and focuses on the trend toward e-business by providing on-the-fly graphical connectivity, integration, and rejuvenation to host applications through Internet, intranet, extranet, and wireless enablement.

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