SERENA Named Leading SCM Player By IDC

SERENA Software, Inc. (Burlingame, Calif.), a supplier of e-business infrastructure change management solutions that run on the AS/400 and other platforms, has been named a market leader in worldwide software configuration management (SCM) by analyst firm IDC.

In an IDC report, entitled "Application Design and Construction Tools Market Forecast and Analysis, 2000-2004,” SERENA was ranked fourth in 1999 SCM revenue with 41.8 percent revenue growth from 1998 to 1999, an increase from the previous year's 30% growth rate reported by IDC.

SERENA provides SCM solutions for all IBM platforms. It’s Change Man and eChange Man products are components of its eFull.Cycle framework for enterprise change management. Change Man provides the automated SCM infrastructure for OS/390 MVS applications and its eChange Man manages changes for Windows, NT, Web, UNIX, AS/400 and MPE/iX environments. SERENA also supports all Hewlett Packard platforms including HP-UX and HP e3000, as well as Sun Solaris.

"The IDC report confirms SERENA is the fastest growing SCM vendor delivering enterprise-wide software change management solutions spanning platforms from the mainframe to the Web," says Mark Woodward, president and CEO, SERENA Software. "Our accelerated revenue growth is additional proof that SERENA's solutions are the tools of choice by companies wanting to succeed in this rapidly changing e-business environment."

The IDC report reviewed application life-cycle management (ALM) products or those tools that support the process of software development and deployment and provided market revenue projections for the years 2000 through 2004. It highlighted that the Web and e-business conducted over the Web are major drivers of all ALM market segments and that successful software vendors will be those that provide tools that ensure quality, scalability and adaptability of e-business applications throughout the entire life-cycle.

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