Giga Examines 840's Benchmark Performance

Jim Martin

Since introducing the 800 series in May, IBM has been touting its new line of AS/400s for unparalleled scalability and performance. Backing up its words, IBM subsequently announced that an AS/400e model 840 had achieved leading benchmark results in stress tests, including NotesBench, TPC-C, and SPECjbb2000.

Giga Information Group (Cambridge, Mass.) recently examined the functional performance of each benchmark study and compared the results of the 840 with other servers in its class. According to Giga’s study, the AS/400 lived up to its billing.

“Based on the performance scalability results across a collection of industry standard benchmarks, the new AS/400 should be considered an effective high-performance server platform for select commercial workloads,” the study says.

Giga recommends that IT organizations should consider an AS/400e for server workload in the following three areas: scaleable, mixed-transaction workloads, mid-tier applications and Web serving, and special-purpose workloads (such as Domino).

Looking ahead, Giga estimates 45 percent of new AS/400 growth will come from either Domino or Java-enabled e-business deployments, 30 percent will come from traditional mixed-transaction workloads, and 25 percent from NT consolidation.

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