DataMirror Launches High Availability Suite

DataMirror Corporation (Toronto, Canada), a provider of enterprise-wide data replication, replenishment and resiliency software, has announced the availability of High Availability Suite 3.5.

The suite maximizes business continuity by capturing AS/400 objects and database transactions from primary systems and mirroring them in real-time to one or more recovery AS/400s, limiting the effects of outages on the business.

The iCluster Administrator is used to monitor and track the state of an entire cluster from a single management workstation.
The software utilizes the byte stream file recording recently introduced by IBM into the OS/400 operating system – the first and only AS/400 high availability solution to do this. Support for this recording allows High Availability Suite to manage the underlying Integrated File System (IFS) requirements of business applications and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. IFS allows users to support stream input/output and storage management similar to personal computer and UNIX operating systems, while providing structure for all information stored in the AS/400.

“High Availability Suite version 3.5 is the first to offer real-time IFS mirroring,” says Cadman Chui, production and marketing manager for DataMirror’s High Availability Suite. He says that the new solution is to only send changes to a file from the primary to the secondary unit, which increases speed, and saves bandwidth.

In addition to DataMirror’s XtremeCache and Match/Merge architecture, High Availability 3.5 includes a new performance enhancement called auto-tuning, which is designed to automatically optimize High Availability Suite to ensure maximum for all data and object mirroring between the primary and recovery systems. Also available are several enhancements such as external alarms and alerts based on conditional events; also featured is an enhanced and simplified user interface.

“No other companies offer Match/Merge,” says Chui. He says this feature ensures that changes on the primary unit are done in the right order on the recovery side. Before Match/Merge, Chui says, the risk was that if a new file was stored, and then changed immediately, the changes could reach the recovery unit before the file itself, and thus cause problems.

“DataMirror’s i-Cluster Software will inherit all the enhancements [to the High Availability Suite] as well,” says Chui. i-Cluster includes a cluster management tool to define and monitor the entire cluster from one single station. It enables companies to approach 99.999 percent business continuity by providing data resiliency and application resiliency in conjunction with the IBM ClusterProven applications standard.

DataMirror Corporation software integrates data among multiple databases, including OS/400. The company, which has offices in more than 30 countries, was named the fastest growing software company in Canada and the third fastest growing Canadian company overall by 2000 Profit Magazine.

Pricing on the system is custom based on the computing environment.

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