Aldon Announces Release of Affiniti V1.1

Jim Martin

Aldon Computer Group (Oakland, Calif.) recently announced the release of Affiniti V1.1, its cross-platform, change-management system solution.

A new module for Aldon’s leading software change management system, Aldon/CMS, Affiniti is designed to help AS/400 IT organizations take advantage of the latest AS/400 technology. Affiniti extends the application development automation and management concepts of Aldon/CMS to client/server, Java and Web-based development.

The newest version of Affiniti introduces additional functions and options that provide greater flexibility in cross platform software development.

Affiniti V1.1’s enhanced Source Compare and Merge Tool allows users to compare and merge all types of source interactively when multiple sets of simultaneous changes have been made by different developers or for different releases. Whenever a multiple checkout occurs, the newest version of Affiniti automatically stores a copy of the unmodified source to use for reference. When it becomes necessary to merge the two sets of changes, the user can call the merge function directly from within the product. The merge tool displays the changes and the merged source in an easy to read format with changes highlighted by differentiating color. Merged source can be edited online, printed or saved for later editing.

The Affiniti V1.1 Microsoft Software Change Control Interface (MSSCCI) has been enhanced in this release, making it possible to work with a number of different IDEs including Visual Age for JAVA, VisualAge C++, Visual Basic, CodeWright, Flex/EDIT, Code/400, etc. Users can access the Affiniti add, checkout, check-in and cancel checkout functions directly from their IDEs.

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