Vision Releases Object Mirroring System R7.0

Fredrik Johnsen

Vision Solutions Inc. (Irvine, Calif.), a developer and marketer of clustering, high availability, managed availability, logical partitioning and data replication, has announced the release of its Object Mirroring System, OMS/400 R7.0.

"The release of OMS/400 7.0 is one of the most significant in the product's long history. It is feature-rich with support for remote journaling and MQ Series, as well as full clustering capabilities,” says Jose Bliek, executive vice president, product management for Vision Solutions. "OMS/400 7.0 has already been widely applauded by Vision's beta-testers and we are highly confident that existing and new customers will quickly benefit from the improved performance and enhanced capabilities that it brings."

The new release has increased functionality, especially related to clustering, remote journaling, MQ series and single system mirroring support. Some improvements have also been made to the overall performance, speed of installation and ease of use.

OMS/400 works with any commercial application and performs in all environments, especially where there is a high volume of transactions.

Visions Solutions’ products include continuous availability (clustering), high availability, managed availability, data protection and data replication. Vision products are used to maintain integrity and accuracy of data in a wide variety of industries.

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