FRI to Use Level 8 Middleware in OrderChannel

Fioravanti-Redwood International (FRI) and Level 8 Systems, a provider of e-business integration software, announced that FRI will use the Level 8 Geneva Queuing technology as its integration middleware within OrderChannel 2001, FRI's business-to-business commerce software. The Level 8 middleware enables application developers to convert HP e3000 business applications to Web-based applications that support e-services.

Level 8's Geneva Message Queuing extends complete MSMQ functionality to a range of non-Windows operating systems, including MPE/iX, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, Os/400, VMS and MVS. FRI said that it has rewritten OrderChannel 2001 in Microsoft's Distributed iNternet Architecture (DNA) and that OrderChannel now takes advantage of Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) technology. MSMQ is incorporated within OrderChannel's API strategy. OrderChannel bundles Geneva Message Queuing into its remote API protocol which provides access to key business systems on non-Windows platforms.

"The Level 8 product helps us bring OrderChannel to the many customers using HP operating systems," Mark Redwood, President of FRI, said in a statement. "The ability to access all existing business systems, especially ERP, CRM, and legacy applications, is pivotal to the success of e-commerce initiatives."

Level 8 had some other news. It unveiled the two newest components of its Geneva High Performance Integration Platform -- Geneva Enterprise Integrator and Geneva Business Process Automator.

"The Geneva High Performance Integration Platform provides enterprises with the means to build a robust e-business infrastructure that seamlessly integrates the Web-based e-business front office, the traditional back office and e-partners," claimed Richard Phelps, Level 8's senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. "Both Geneva Enterprise Integrator and Geneva Business Process Automator are based on technology that [can] handle high-volume transactions and provide high response times."

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