Group 1 Launches MailStream Plus 6.2.4

“A state-of-the-art presort software solution.” That is how Group 1 Software (Lanham, Md.), a provider of software for data quality, database marketing, electronic document composition applications, and mailing efficiency, describes its newest release of the MailStream Plus software package, version 6.2.4.

Integration of the existing manifest reporting system is one of the most important features in the new release, enabling users to produce manifests for their mailings during the normal execution of a standard mailstream job.

“All the enhancements were requested by the user community,” says Tim Waggoner, chief technology officer at Group 1. “Since the last upgrade there were certain enhancements to make.” Over 100 enhancements were made to MailStream.

By automatically generating drop-shipped mailings, MailStream 6.2.4 enables customers to take advantage of the lowest postage rates from the United States Postal Services.

Another major upgrade offers users the ability to adjust the amount of mail being shipped to a specific entry point based on the cost of shipping to that point. Mailers can then avoid sending mail to a destination where the shipping costs are too high for the volume of mail being dropped.

MailStream Plus works as an all-in-one solution for computerized mail preparation. The product organizes the user’s mailing file for the greatest postal discounts in all classes and at every level allowed by the USPS including Carrier Route Presort, Barcoded Presort, Automation/Presort, 3/5 Digit Presort, and Enhanced Carrier Route/Basic. Periodical mail can also be presorted to all of these regular and preferred rate levels.

Described as “one of the most convenient features of MailStream Plus,” by G1, the product provides the user with the necessary presort reporting and documentation for reliable and speedy delivery of the mail. All reports necessary for compliance with USPS audit requirements are provided. MailStream also includes facsimile forms, output for barcoded bag and tray tags, facing slips, audit trails, and Mail.DAT forms. Optional Endorsement Lines can be generated to minimize manual intervention during prep work.

MailStream Plus is PAVE-certified, which is necessary for achieving certain USPS incentives. The MailStream solution also couples with Group 1’s Palletization Plus, allowing users to group mail into manageable packages, saving the post office time.

Group 1 software can be integrated into the existing IS environment or operate alone. The company also offers complete systems analysis, installation support, management reports and production setup.

The last upgrade of MailStream was release 6.2.3, which was launched in March 2000. According to Wagner, version 6.3, another major upgrade, is scheduled for January 2001.

Group 1 has offices throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe, as well as being represented in Asia and Australia. The company supports MVS, VSE, IBM AS/400, UNIX (including Linux), Windows NT, Windows 2000 and other operating systems and computers.

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