Report Recognizes Oracle8i over IBM's DB2 Universal Database

An independent study by INPUT that directly compares Oracle8i and IBM DB2 Universal Database on scalability, availability, ease of implementation and compatibility with packaged applications found in favor of Oracle8i. According to the report, "Buyer's Guide to Database Server based on Cost of Ownership and Effectiveness," Oracle8i Enterprise Edition is 28 percent lower in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per named user per year than IBM DB2 Enterprise Edition. Not only is Oracle more cost-effective, but INPUT also found that Oracle8i on average supports 60 percent more users than IBM DB2. The report is based on real-world customer data from 116 survey participants.

Other key findings of INPUT's TCO study include:

TCO per transaction per minute (excluding cost of downtime) is 19 percent lower for Oracle8i than for IBM DB2

The proportion of databases requiring hardware upgrades is lower for Oracle8i than for IBM DB2.

Oracle8i on average supports 16 percent higher transaction throughput than IBM DB2.

Oracle8i offers a higher level of availability than IBM DB2.

Oracle8i is perceived to score higher than IBM DB2 in terms of ease of implementation and compatibility with packaged applications.

The INPUT study is the culmination of customer research in the following associated database costs related to operating an e-business: software, hardware, implementation, training, upgrade, maintenance, operations, support and downtime. All databases included in the study were required to support a minimum of 50 named users, with the number of users per database averaging 780.

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