SafeStone Technologies Releases 1024-bit Encryption Software

SafeStone Technologies (Princeton, N.J) Plc., a developer of enterprise IT security and management software, has just released SuperCypher, a 1024-bit encryption tool for use on multiple applications across multiple platforms. SuperCypher enables e-commerce and all internal transactions to be conducted securely, protects intellectual property from tampering, and allows for the safe flow of data between multiple parties.

"If users need to cover exit points, we have a module for that. If they want to monitor or audit, we have modules for that as well," says Threapleton.
SuperCypher runs on multiple platforms, including the AS/400, WindowsNT, UNIX, LINUX, and AIX, and can be used on multiple applications. It allows users to encipher or decipher 20MB of data in less than five seconds, so that data transactions remain secure without compromising sensitive data and transaction speed. Files of all types, including backup files and tapes, are pass-key protected for use only by the file’s rightful owner.

“Organizations concerned with protecting their data are demanding encryption for both major business and user applications to secure their systems. These range from encrypting data on the ever-growing number of mobile laptop computers, to security and confidentiality conscious departments, to the back up of a company’s data—which could give away the slightest competitive advantage or be costly to reproduce due to tampering.” says Marnie Threapleton, VP of SafeStone. “Examples of mission critical data that should be protected is personnel, payroll, sales databases, and legal information.”

SuperCypher can encrypt any type of file format (including FTP transfers) to provide an extra sense of security, and there is no current limitation on the size of the file that may be encrypted through SuperCypher.

“Security is something that organizations take very seriously, and we also take it seriously. After an inquiry or discussion, we have a direct sales force that determines, in confidence, what their security needs and requirements are. We then customize a security solution.,” says Threapleton. “That way, customers get the most comprehensive solution for their investment. They get exactly what they need—they won’t pay for software they don’t need or can’t use.”

SafeStone takes a building block approach for implementing security solutions. Another SafeStone product is DetectIT, which has the only AS/400 interface into RSA SecurID for two-tier authentication within an open connectivity environment. DetectIT consists of eight modules that are customized for individual organizations. Because some organizations are more advanced than others in terms of security, SafeStone is making confidential licenses available to organizations to implement the DetectIT software.

“If users need to cover exit points, we have a module for that. If they want to monitor or audit, we have modules for that as well,” says Threapleton. “Customers can have one module or a combination of modules to create a very cost effective security solution.”

The next stage of SuperCypher will enable encryption on-the-fly. SafeStone already has a working version, and expects to have an updated release available towards the end of this year.

Other SafeStone offerings include both security software such as DataVigil - a real-time, dynamic file monitoring application - and a multiple systems management portfolio (e.g., the Config/400 for comprehensive management of all hardware resources, Disk Space Manager, Performance Manager, Message Manager, Spool File Manager and Restricted Task Manager).

Pricing for SafeStone products depends on the number of AS/400s, the number of modules selected and the security needs and requirements of the organization. For a complete solution, customers could expect to pay from $1,000-$11,000 --depending on size of AS/400 and the module selected.

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