Symtrax Releases New Version of AS/400 Report Distribution Software

Symtrax Corp. (Los Angeles) announces the release of Compleo-- an application for downloading and distributing AS/400 spool file reports to PC-based users in a PC format. Compleo was originally released in 1998, building on the technology of Symtrax’s earlier product Spool400, which released in 1994.The main function of Compleo is delivering AS/400 data to PC platforms, so people who need AS/400 data quickly can obtain decision-critical information without going through the MIS department.

Compleo consists of two parts, Compleo Explorer and Compleo Supervisor. Explorer allows users to select profiles, develop formatting for spool files and save the formatting for re-use, while Supervisor enables users to set up rules, automatically convert spool files into specified formats, and distribute them to users. Compleo Explorer also offers new scheduling, exporting and printing options.

Compleo Explorer’s ImportWizard, which is used to implement advanced parsing and formatting of reports, now has dockable windows and toolbars, previews that update dynamically to show how formatting will appear as a PC document, and standard and advanced settings for simple or complex formatting.

“We recognize the fact that we’ve added so much functionality to the product that it can actually be harder, ironically, for some new users to grasp the product quickly,” says David Morgenstern, VP of Symtrax Corporation. “That’s why we have Standard and Advanced modes for using Compleo.”

Standard Mode has a basic functionality to get users up and running quickly. Compleo’s advanced mode is for the power user to get in and drill down into the data so they can add different formatting according to rules they’ve defined in the profile itself.

Compleo Explorer’s updated main interface is divided into three panes, displaying outqueues, spool files, and a preview of a selected spool file. From the main interface, users have a 1-click ability to export spool files to TXT, RTF, PDF or HTML formats. Without going into the ImportWizard, users can view a list of spool files, then simply drag-and-drop those spool files onto the desktop, where they can be converted into the format of their choice.Users can also print reports directly from Compleo Explorer’s main interface to a cost-efficient PC printer, instead of an AS/400 printer. Parsing data for complex formatting has been enhanced, making it easier to re-arrange and filter data. Compleo is now able to export to Microsoft Access, as well as to the popular Adobe PDF.

“We’ve had requests from customers to add advanced parsing and formatting abilities into the products for difficult spool files. A lot of spool files are not meant --and never were meant --to be put into PC applications,” commented Morgenstern. “Therefore, Symtrax has also greatly enhanced its data-mapping capabilities, giving companies a powerful built-in forms solution. We have also enhanced our SMTP, MAPI, and Lotus Notes drivers to make it easier to use and configure, and gives users additional security.”

Morgenstern noted that there is no limit on the number of spool files that can be processed. “We have successfully tested the product on spool files that are up to 15,000 pages long. The only limit is the PC application that you’re downloading to,” he added.

The Compleo Explorer product is priced at $1,000 per AS/400 being accessed and $450 per PC, which access an AS/400. An unlimited network price is $7,500 per AS/400. The Compleo Supervisor product is priced at $2,800 per AS/400.

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