Tango/04 Releases Enterprise Problem Solver

Fredrik Johnsen

Tango/04 Computing Group (Barcelona, Spain), a provider of AS/400 application management systems, has announced the introduction of Enterprise Problem Solver, a new product suite for solving software problems in AS/400 business applications.

With the new solution, IT departments can get alerted to all critical AS/400 interactive and batch applications errors and then diagnose, debug, and solve those problems either locally or over the Internet.

“In today’s Internet era, any application error means lost business. New e-business, ERP or ASP applications cannot wait,” says Raul Christian Aguirre, Tango/04 Computing Group CEO. “With Enterprise Problem Solver, we are providing the means to isolate and solve any application problem before it affects business operations.”

The solution consists of several modules, including Bug Detector, which monitors AS/400 applications for interactive and batch errors, and alerts operators when errors occur, and VISUAL Support Pro, a trouble-shooter that aids operators and help-desk staff in problem determination. VISUAL Debugger for Windows can be used by programmers to debug and solve application errors “on the fly” and the Internet Security Extension allows production AS/400s that are not connected to the Internet to be remotely serviced.

Enterprise Problem Solver pricing is tier based, from $3,900 to $22,900.

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