Manage Inc. Uses WebSphere to Deliver Web-Enabling Solution

Fredrik Johnsen

Manage, Inc. (Seattle), a software and services company providing solutions for the AS/400 marketplace, and an IBM Premier Business Partner, announced the launch of WebVision/400, a software solution designed to help AS/400 customers web-enable their data for e-customer service.

"We are extremely pleased to announce the rollout of WebVision/400 as a web-enabling solution for AS/400 users," said Mike Bratton, Manage's Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Many companies are scrambling to provide the functionality of e-customer service, but are looking at a myriad of costly solutions that require them to invest in additional hardware and special proprietary development tools and databases. WebVision/400 can provide the technology backbone for customer service without changing where and how their customer data is stored.”

Using Java servlets, JSP and WebSphere, WebVision/400 extends AS/400-DB2-based data to the Internet or intranet. Companies are able to create and customize the information displayed to their customers by tapping directly into their own applications through the power of server-side Java and standard SQL queries.

Software licenses are priced on a tiered-basis, depending on the size of the AS/400 processor, starting at $11,000 for a P05 configuration.

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