IBM, Netfinity to Serve Windows 2000 Datacenter

Fredrik Johnsen

IBM is now a distributor of Windows 2000 Datacenter, Microsoft’s newestserver operating system, through an offering that will integrate the Netfinity 8500 server with solutions from IBM Global Services. The IBM solution includes services, warranties and support for Netfinity, which are derived from IBM's enterprise servers.

"Microsoft's announcement is bolstered by IBM's years of experience in delivering solutions to the IT data center," says Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft. "Customers have relied on IBM services and servers to meet their IT needs for many years. Netfinity and Windows 2000 Datacenter Server together provide a premier server solution to complement and enhance their IT needs."

"Enterprise customers demand the highest levels of reliability, service and technology, from vendors who can work together to deliver flexible, optimized solutions," says Ralph Martino, VP, Strategy and Marketing, IBM Personal Systems Group. "This announcement shows the commitment of the two companies to work together to deliver world class solutions to our customers and their growing processing requirements."

Netfinity delivers the only Windows 2000 Datacenter Server solution derived from enterprise servers. X-architecture leverages the technology developed from other IBM datacenter servers, such as the RS/6000 and S/390.

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