Tarantella Enterprise 3 Scales for Mission-Critical Internet Computing

Fredrik Johnsen

Tarantella, Inc. (Santa Cruz, Calif.), a subsidiary of The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc., and a provider of Web enabling software technologies connecting clients, server-based applications, and networks, has announced Tarantella Enterprise 3 Web-enabling software and Tarantella Enterprise 3 ASP Edition software.

"The scalability and performance enhancements built into Tarantella Enterprise 3 allow customers to support up to four times as many concurrent users as Tarantella Enterprise II," says Mike Orr, president of Tarantella, Inc. "Response times are also significantly improved, especially for users on low bandwidth connections. In addition, we've added many usability features, so that all of our customers' applications can be Web-enabled even faster and easier than before."

Tarantella Enterprise 3 software is designed to support up to 1,000 users per server, and up to 50 servers can be combined into a single array to intelligently balance the server load across geographically dispersed networks, improving scalability and application performance.

"Thin client desktop deployments have typically been departmental rather than enterprise wide," says Peter Lowber, research director of Gartner Group. "The enhancements in Tarantella Enterprise 3 give it enterprise-wide capability, and IT organizations with large deployments should consider Tarantella."

The solutions begin shipping Oct. 30.

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