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APCON’s Lazer Link IV PCI Card

Apcon’s Lazer Link IV PCI card, the latest addition to its line of fibre optic SCSI bus extenders, can help systems administrators consolidate SCSI peripherals in one location for peripheral management and developing centralized server sites where data security is an issue.

The Lazer Link IV PCI card plugs into any available PCI slot, with a 68-pin high-density connector, interfacing the internal SCSI bus and extends the SCSI bus up to 500 meters from the host server. For more information, visit

NEC MobilePro Handheld PC

NEC Computers has added the MobilePro 880 to its line of MobilePro Handheld PC Pro computers (H/PC Pro). The one-inch thick, 2.6-pound MobilePro 880 couples a light sub-notebook form factor with the CE operating environment. It features a nearly full-size keyboard and an SVGA LCD display. The MobilePro 880 features a faster processing speed than earlier models and a new suite of enterprise-oriented utilities and applications software. Also featured are the "instant on" capability, and a longer battery life than the MobilePro 800. For more information, visit

Vixel’s SAN InSite 2000

Vixel Corporation announces SAN InSite 2000 Storage Area Network management software. SAN InSite supports multivendor SAN devices and is interoperable with other vendor components. SAN InSite 2000 has an open architecture that allows management of both non-Vixel and Vixel devices and seamless integration with enterprise software management applications. SAN InSite 2000 will auto-discover, monitor and manage the entire SAN interconnect. It supports all Vixel SAN devices; as well as Agilent, Ancor, Brocade, Chaparral, Crossroads, Emulex, Gadzoox, Interphase, JNI and Qlogic devices. It is platform independent and supports Microsoft Windows 2000, NT 4.0, Sun Solaris, Linux and HPUX. SAN InSite 2000 is Web-enabled and provides remote management of SAN devices at anytime. For more information, call (425) 806-5509, or visit

Pentek Adds to VIM Family

Pentek has added a 32-channel digital receiver VIM-4 module to its VIM (Velocity Interface Mezzanine) mezzanine family. The Model 6230 combines FPGA (field programmable gate arrays) technology with channelized software radio functionality. It is designed for high-speed synchronous data communications for realtime VMEbus systems. For more information, call (201) 818-5900, or visit

Pulizzi Engineering’s TPC 2562

Pulizzi Engineering has released its patented TPC 2562, an AC Power Distribution Unit that combines true redundant input under voltage protection and ultra fast switching. The TPC 2562 accepts two AC power inputs, monitors the input voltage and automatically switches to the secondary power source when the primary source fails.

Designed to meet EN 60950 3rd Edition Safety Requirements, the TPC 2562 meets the 3 mm spacing requirement as well. It is 1U high and 9.5-inch deep and is a 19-inch rack mount with detachable brackets allowing for front, rear or recessed mounting. The TPC 2562 is priced at $700 with volume discounts available. For more information, call (714) 540-4229, or visit

Sealevel Systems’ WAN Adapter

Sealevel Systems introduces the Route 56.PCI high-speed WAN adapter. The Route 56.PCI is a PCI1 port RS-232/ 422/485/449, EIA-530, V.35, X.21 Synchronous/Asynchronous serial interface for the PCI bus. The Route 56.PCI card is based on the Zilog 16C32 IUSC, which includes an on-board DMA controller to eliminate bus bandwidth constraints and allows the card to handle DMA locally. The card includes SeaMAC, Sealevel Systems’ Sync/Async software drivers for Windows NT/2000. The Route 56.PCI is available for $499 with OEM/volume pricing available. For more information call (864) 843-4343, or visit

ViewMax Wireless Integration

MODCOMP Inc.’s ViewMax integration software supports wireless Internet access to mainframe, midrange and UNIX applications via the Palm VII. ViewMax connects the Palm VII browser to any enterprise system, or "green screen" computer application. It enables business and institutions to offer quick access from remote locations. Pricing for ViewMax begins at $10,000, plus configuration services and user licensing. For more information, call (800) 322-3287, or visit their Web site at

e-FAQ 2.0

Interactive Intelligence has announced version 2.0 of e-FAQ, its knowledge management solution for automating e-mail and Web responses using artificial intelligence and linguistic techniques. New features of e-FAQ 2.0 include: e-mail and Web self-service components with escalation to a live e-mail response and Web chat service; Web authoring interface; support of XML formatting in entries; data mining/harvesting; COM API that allows organizations to embed e-FAQ into a variety of systems and applications; a FAQ import/export option; multi-user administration support and sample application source code for Web query; and Web authoring and bulk answer loading. For more information, visit

eSleuth Offers Transaction Analysis

Bristol Technology Inc.’s eSleuth transaction analysis software enables companies to visually pinpoint information flow failures and performance bottlenecks throughout IBM MQSeries-based systems. eSleuth consists of a central Analyzer, a Windows NT-based program that collects, correlates and graphically presents e-business events; and eSensors, which collect information about each MQSeries API call for the Analyzer. Both are installed on each host in the e-business system. Other key features of eSleuth include centralized data analysis, dynamic transaction visualization, powerful data filtering, API level monitoring and advanced graphical views. For more information, visit

ViewMax Wireless Integration

MODCOMP Inc.’s ViewMax integration software supports wireless Internet access to mainframe, midrange and UNIX applications via the Palm VII. ViewMax seamlessly connects the Palm VII browser to any enterprise system, or "green screen" computer application. It enables business and institutions to offer quick access from remote locations. Pricing for ViewMax begins at $10,000 plus configuration services and user licensing. For more information, call (800) 322-3287, or visit their Web site at

Axios’ LS/Mail-NT

Axios Products Inc. has released LS/Mail-NT, a new method of document creation, management and distribution for the LibertySoft electronic document output system. LS/Mail-NT automatically e-mails the customized, graphically enhanced digital documents created with existing application output data using LibertySoft. Using an introductory e-mail message, the document is sent to selected recipients in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The LS/Mail-NT gateway works like a normal printer and runs under Windows NT. For more information, call (800) 877-0990, or visit their Web site at

UNIX Inventory +

Computing Edge’s UNIX Inventory + Solution helps to integrate UNIX inventory into Microsoft’s System Management Server (SMS). UNIX Inventory + can be used for any LAN system based on Windows NT or 2000, and simplifies management of a heterogeneous client/server environment by channeling UNIX software and hardware inventory data into an SMS database. Users can manage UNIX environments from SMS or any Web browser using Computing Edge tools. For more information, call (800) 585-7002, or visit Computing Edge’s Web site at

GraphOn’s Web-Enabling Software

Hewlett Packard has integrated GraphOn’s Bridges for UNIX into the new HP Service Control Manager – a suite of high-powered management tools for multiple HP-UX-based HP 9000 servers used for central, highly scalable management of HP-UX servers.

With GraphOn Bridges, any Windows PC running Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher, or Netscape 4.5 or higher can use the suite to administer large networked systems of HP-UX servers in multiple clusters of up to 64 managed nodes from any Internet connection. For more information, visit

Multi-Channel E-Biz Solution

Fulfillment PLUS Inc.’s FFP is an interactive customer service and online order fulfillment solution for multi-channel e-business that integrates Web technologies, automated business processes and a quality customer service program, creating a back-end solution to handle the scale and complexity of the Internet. FFP manages the physical logistics of delivering merchandise to online shoppers with its realtime order fulfillment software system. The system regulates inventory management, shipment tracking and merchandise returns management, as well. For more information, call (877) 337-7587, or visit their Web site at

infoshark’s XMLShark 1.0

infoShark’s XMLShark 1.0 provides all the information needed to recreate relational databases and populate them with data along with the properties that make it a relational database, thus helping to accelerate business-to-business integration. XMLShark is built on the foundation of infoShark’s XML CARD (Commerce Accelerated Relational Data) schema and provides for the round-tripping relational data to and from XML, rather than an automated XML. A free trial version of XMLShark 1.0 can be evaluated at infoShark’s Web site. For more information, visit

Compaq and Camstar’s Tap Suite

Compaq and Camstar’s Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) solution for Semiconductor Test, Assembly and Packaging (TAP) Suite provides a means for paperless operation, wireless technologies for input/output convenience and allows manufacturing data to be shared over the Internet. TAP Suite is composed of components developed by Compaq and its partners, which are integrated through standard bus technologies. Camstar’s Windows NT-based InSite serves as an essential MES framework component, and is also included as part of the base system. For more information, visit, or

TapeWare 6.2 Disaster Recovery

Yosemite Technologies’ Win 2000-supported release of the Disaster Recovery Option for TapeWare 6.2 Backup software protects critical system information and files during normal backup processing.

Product features include: automatic, fully configured data restoral; partition information for all local drives/volumes; One-Button-Data-Recovery support for HP DAT drives with OBDR; and cross-platform support for Win9.x/NT, Win2000, NetWare 5.0 and below. For more information, call (559) 292-8888, or visit

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