IBM to Provide Web Hosting Services in Equinix IBXCenters

IBM will offer its Web hosting services in Equinix neutral Internet Business

Exchange (IBX) centers in four major metropolitan regions including the Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C., and New York areas. As part of the multi-year, $90 million agreement, IBM will establish new IBM e-Business Hosting Centers in Equinix IBX centers to accommodate growing demand for Web hosting services.

In Equinix IBX centers, IBM will be able to deliver Web hosting services in a unique, neutral environment with links to multiple bandwidth providers and high quality interconnection services. As a result of its agreement with Equinix, IBM will continue to expand its ability to provide Web hosting customers with the high levels of reliability, performance, and scalability they require for their mission-critical business needs.

In addition to serving its own customers in the new IBX centers, IBM Global Services will also offer other IBX(TM) participants -- such as content providers, e-commerce companies and application service providers -- a wide range of services to help them improve the performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency of their information technology operations. Among the services IBM will offer are e-business strategy, Web design, application development, systems performance testing, security evaluations, implementation, and systems management.

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