Pocket PC to Get Wireless Access to Host Data

According to the Gartner Group, Inc. (Samford, Conn.), the proliferation of wireless mobile communication as an additional medium for data communications marks the start of a new phase of the Internet, as it evolves into a Supranet. The Supranet is defined as “the emerging, ubiquitous network infrastructure that links the “e-world,” electronic devices such as computers, phones and televisions, to the physical world of houses, people and vehicles.

Continuing its wireless initiatives, ResQNet.com, Inc. (New York) recently announced an aggressive program to enable enterprises to give customers access to their mainframe and AS/400 applications from anywhere, anytime, via wireless Microsoft Pocket PC-powered handheld devices.

“It was a natural extension for us to go wireless,” says Steven Eskenazi, VP of marketing for ResQNet.com. With modems being available for PDA, users get access to their back office from anywhere, he says.

The program combines ResQEnable and ResQ/ME Wireless-to-host enablement solutions from ResQNet.com. ResQNet technology enables users to reengineer their applications’ user interface for Pocket PC screens without any changes to the host applications. ResQEnable and ResQ/Me address the issue of simplifying traditional green screens while providing wireless access.

“While laptops still have to be plugged in, CEOs, presidents and so on can access 24/7/365 through wireless,” says Eskenazi. “They can now get any info they used to get from their desktop.”

The ResQ/ME software presents screens created using ResQNet.com’s drag and drop Customization Studio graphically, with clickable hot spots and links for display with the standard Pocket PC browser. The solution uses Customization Studio to create the appropriate dialogs for interacting with wireless Pocket PC devices based on the actual screens displayed by the application, and requires no programming or scripting. It can be integrated with most application servers, such as IBM Websphere.

On future plans, Ekenazi says all kinds of statistics indicate an increase in wireless use in the years to come, “for leisure, pleasure and business,” says Eskenazi. Gartner Group forecasts worldwide mobile phone shipments to surpass 744 million units worldwide in 2004, and mobile computer shipments are expected to grow from 24.6 million units in 1999 to 70.1 million in 2004.

ResQNet.com focuses on the trend toward e-business by providing on-the-fly graphical connectivity, integration, and rejuvenation to host applications through Internet, intranet, extranet, and wireless enablement. The company is a member of the WAP Forum, an industry association dedicated to developing the de-facto world standard for wireless information and telephony services on digital mobile phones and other wireless terminals.

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