Level 8 Demonstrates Key to Next-Generation e-Apps

HP World in Philadelphia from Sept. 11-13 saw the unveiling of Level 8 Systems’ (Cary, N.C.) latest two members of its Geneva High Performance Integration Platform – Geneva Enterprise Integrator and Geneva Process Automator.

Level 8 is a provider of e-business integration software that enables businesses to integrate new and existing information and processes with the Internet to create new business value.

Both the two new components are consistent with Level 8’s commitment to provide e-business integration solutions to that support the HP customer base. HP customers are already benefiting from another component of the Geneva High Performance Integration Platform, the Geneva Message Queuing middleware software, which enables application developers to more easily convert HP e3000 business applications to Web-based applications that support an e-services model. The two new releases offer HP users an enterprise solution for developing next-generation e-applications that support through connectivity that is based on high-performance, real-time e-business integration infrastructure.

“The background for the products lay in Level 8’s acquisition of Template Software in December last year,” says Ted Venema, vice president of product management at Level 8. He says the core of the products has been around for five-six years, but that integration is something new.

Geneva Enterprise Integrator delivers real-time, high performance features to integrate front-end technologies to back-office systems. Geneva Enterprise Integrator offers a wide range of integration options, standards and protocol support, client interfaces and connectors. The solution is based on Level 8 Hyperspeed Architecture, a business object approach that provides a single object view of enterprise resources enabling two-way, real-time integration between Web applications, legacy systems and trading partners. Enterprise Integrator provides load-balancing and failover to insure that the integration platform is running when the user needs it and scales with the business. The product is supported on IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP HP-UX and Windows NT.

“With Geneva Enterprise Integrator we attacked the challenge of linking all the instantaneous information together,” says Venema. He explains that Enterprise Integrator is the first release to use Hyperspeed architecture, and that it combines up information in true real-time.

Geneva Business Process Automator enables users to isolate business processes from technical implementation. Business domain experts in the organization can now define how processes are to be run without having to be constrained by the technical implementation of the process. Business Process Automator supports the definition and execution of complex business processes between applications, platforms and trading partners. The solution also allows multiple users to interact with executing processes in real-time. This product is also supported on the IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP HP-UX and Windows NT.

“Geneva Business Process Automator was designed with integration of systems with new e-business providers in mind,” says Venema. He says that where Enterprise Integrator handles quick information in real-time, Business Process Automator handles scripts that can go over multiple steps and longer time. He uses applying for a loan over the Web as an example, as this usually can take several days, and involve several different businesses, including credit bureaus and banks.

Level 8 has more than 700 customers and over 475 employees worldwide, with offices in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, France and Italy.

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