Silvon Launches Stratum Analytic Applications Suite

Silvon Software, Inc. (Westmont, Ill.), a provider of global supply chain-focused business intelligence solutions, announced the availability of Stratum, an integrated suite of analytic applications designed to help supply chain companies strategically plan, analyze, and manage the performance of their sales, marketing, manufacturing, procurement, e-business, financial and customer-focused operations.

The suite transforms high volumes of data across the enterprise into actionable information, giving the user the ability to quickly identify problems, uncover trends, and understand the impact of decisions before they are made.

“Stratum is a culmination of many years in the business,” says John Hughes, VP of sales and marketing for Silvon Software. He explains that the company’s experience with DataTracker technology has given a good view of the customers’ needs.

Silvon’s Data Tracker technology powers the new suite, and Stratum also features several pre-built analytical views and reports based on supply chain-specific business models, allowing users to gain instant accessibility to information, and make decisions, in a short amount of time. Data Tracker is a data warehousing and analytical processing platform designed to handle high daily transaction volumes, large customer numbers, widespread product varieties and multi-tiered sales channels of supply chain businesses.

“With Stratum, we packaged our expertise so customers could realize faster return on their investments,” Hughes says. He says some customers were unsure, and were struggling with analyzing their businesses, especially in fields related to e-commerce.

Stratum also offers closed-loop processing functionality for automatically triggering actions in ERP, CRM and other Web-based transaction systems based on analysis findings, for example, generating a purchase order for materials when Stratum identifies that inventory levels for a particular product are becoming low.

The suite helps customers to realize their returns quicker, says Hughes. “They can also reap more benefits and harvest the value in their systems faster,” he says.

Another feature of Stratum is that it includes seven stand-alone modules, all of which are integratable. They modules are: sales performance management, marketing performance management, manufacturing performance management, procurement performance management, e-business performance management, financial performance management, and customer analytics.

Stratum is shipped with Silvon’s DataTracker technology, featuring a relational data warehouse, on-line analytical processing engine, closed-loop processing functionality, a built-in planning application, and enterprise connectors for extracting, transforming and loading data from ERP, CRM and other Web-based business transaction systems into the data warehouse for analysis purposes.

The Stratum product suite license fees range from $75,000, based on server size, number of modules licensed, and user seats purchased.

Silvon Software has focused on software-based business intelligence/analytical application solutions since 1987. The company provides solutions for manufacturing, wholesale distribution and retail organizations. Its applications run on the IBM AS/400, Windows NT and Unix platforms, and are currently installed in more than 1,200 sites worldwide.

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