VERITAS Brings Global Disaster Recovery Solutions to HP-UX

VERITAS Software Corporation has recently released Version 1.1 of VERITAS Global Cluster Manager and Version 3.1 of VERITAS Volume Replicator for the HP-UX platform. By integrating VERITAS Software’s global cluster management software with its data replication solution, HP-UX customers can maximize application uptime worldwide from a single console. VERITAS claims that its Global Cluster Manager is the only comprehensive global application availability management software on the market today.

HP-UX customers can use the Global Cluster Manager to move applications running at a primary site to a geographically remote secondary site, while maintaining access to critical information through the continuous replication of data between sites.

“We have seen over the last three to five years, that companies are starting to geographically disperse where their systems reside,” said Jonathon Martin, Product line Manager for Clustering and Replication Technologies at VERITAS. “Businesses want to centralize the management of their IT resources and application availability from a central point. Customers have told us they need help building disaster recovery solutions that go further than just campus- or city-wide locations.”

Global Cluster Manager

VERITAS Global Cluster Manager is an enterprise cluster management solution for VERITAS Cluster Server. Via a single web browser console, a cluster administrator can monitor virtually hundreds of VERITAS Cluster Server clusters worldwide, including simultaneous management of HP-UX and Solaris clusters - both within and across firewalls.

“The Global Cluster Manger sits on top of other VERITAS clustering and replication solutions and ties all the individual point products into a global disaster recovery solution,” said Martin. “If you have a disaster at the primary site, the Global Cluster Manager detects that a disaster has occurred, isolates the cause of the disaster (network outage, fire, shutdown, etc.), then takes a number of managed steps to move/translate the data from the primary site to the disaster recovery site.”

Volume Replicator

VERITAS Volume Replicator enables disaster recovery solutions over local or wide area networks. Integrated with VERITAS Volume Manager, VERITAS Volume Replicator mirrors data to remote locations over any IP network, either in synchronous or asynchronous mode. Because the system is ‘hardware agnostic’ (independent of platform and connectivity), system administrators can select the most cost-effective solution at the secondary site. Since secondary copies are kept up to date on on-line storage, the time to restore data availability after a disaster or major system outage is significantly reduced. “Years ago, recovery time was measured in hours or days; today, it has to be measured in tens of seconds, or perhaps minutes,” said Martin.

Replication is done using the industry standard protocol of TCP/IP, which allows system administrators to group together in a replicated volume group all the associated pieces of a site. “Databases don’t work in isolation—you need configuration files, executables, and all the files that are related with database; if you want to do a complete fail-over, you can’t just replicate the contents of the database,” said Martin. “With the VERITAS Volume Replicator, users can build a replicated volume group that allows them to replicate the site in its entirety, containing all the associated pieces of the databases.”


VERITAS Volume Replicator for HP-UX is offered at a suggested retail price starting at $9,000. The VERITAS Global Cluster Manager, currently available on Solaris, will be available for HP-UX in Q1 2001 for a suggested retail price starting at $10,000 per managed VERITAS Cluster Server cluster.

For more information about VERITAS Global Cluster Manager, VERITAS Storage Replicator, VERITAS Software or its other disaster recovery software solutions, please contact the Company’s North American sales headquarters office at 800-327-2232.

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