Vision Releases Object Mirroring System R7.0

Vision Solutions, Inc. (Irvine, Calif.), a developer and marketer of clustering, high availability, managed availability, logical partitioning, and data replication, announced the general release of Object Mirroring System, OMS/400 R7.0.

The new release features increased functionality, specifically related to clustering, remote journaling, MQ series and single system mirroring support. Improvements have also been made to the release’s overall performance, ease of use and speed of installation.

“We needed to support IBM’s new clustering standards,” says Dave Brown, chief scientist at Vision Solutions. He says they shipped MQ series with this release, to be able to support MQ easily. MQ series support mirrors journaled messages, channel synchronization data, and MQ recovery data from a primary to a backup system.

According to Vision, OMS/400 is the most advanced data mirroring high availability product in the market today. It is able to synchronize enterprise-wide data, by simulcasting changes from a source system to more than 9,000 target destinations. It is “self healing,” and automatically repairs or corrects abnormal conditions, such as communication, synchronization and system failover recoveries. The solution also incorporates features such as self-healing techniques and tuning tools, built-in object refresh capabilities, no file/object limitations and mirroring.

“Architecturally, we had to, in some cases, take our solution to the lower level plumbing by IBM,” says Chris Tucker, founder and chief technical officer at Vision Solutions. He says both the performance and reliability has been improved from the last version, R6.2 that was released last year.

Remote journaling involves storing journal receivers on a remote system. OMS/400 R7.0 supports Synchronous and Asynchronous Remote journaling. Synchronous mode ensures that no transactions are lost due to an unplanned outage. Asynchronous mode minimizes the impact on primary system response time and CPU usage. “Remote journaling was extremely important to get in this release,” says Brown.

The product was written in RPG/400 for user presentation and ILE/C for system access, data transmission and apply process, and fully supports IBM’s OptiConnect/400 system when a fiber optic bus-to-bus connection is available. The included Tape Offload function downloads transactions to tape when communications are down.

OMS/400 features clustering support, providing users with the key elements of cluster management and mirroring of application objects and data between AS/400 servers. OMS/400 R7.0 features a Java based, platform independent graphical user interface to simplify the configuration of the cluster nodes and switchover (failover) process. “All our products will adhere to this Java and message-based architecture,” says Tucker.

OMS/400 R7.0 works with any commercial application, and performs in all environments, especially where there is a high volume of transactions.

Vision Solutions has been a global developer and marketer of information availability management solutions since 1990. The solutions include continuous availability, or clustering, high availability, managed availability, data protection and data replication.

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